THE B'S : bump-dates!

March 1, 2013


So it's been awhile since I posted any bump pictures so here they are!

 18 weeks

19 weeks 

and yesterday at 20 weeks and 4 days! 

I'm currently up 8 pounds. Craving fruit, steak, and carbs. I still have to stay far from dairy even though I could drink gallons of chocolate milk if I allowed myself too. 
I'm still taking progesterone but am down to 200 mg instead of 400. I will continue to take it until 28 weeks. 
I'm usually tired most days and am already experiencing sciatica. All in all though it's a great pregnancy! I'm loving my bump and feeling her do her daily tumbling routines. I can even feel her when she gets the hiccups! 

She already has clothes for her first 3 months, including her coming home outfit!

Well, it's time to hit the beach! Happy Friday! 


  1. GO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!!!Someone who works a lot with pregnant women and uses the Gonstead method would be especially good. That sciatica is a sign that your muscles and ligaments are beings stressed out by misalginment which could end up constricting baby's movement since the uterus attaches in 3 places to the pelvis. I work at an office where we see a lot of pregnant women and it's amazing to hear about the relief they get from being adjusted. I personally deal with sciatica a lot (my pelvis is twisted funny) and getting adjusted makes me pain free. If you want any more info on it, I'd be happy to help :)


  2. You're so pretty girl! A bump looks good on you ;D


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