March 31, 2015

4x4 Link Up//March

How it works:
4 favorite blog posts-This one is pretty self explanatory. Post the links to your four favorite posts from the month.
4 favorite Instagram posts-Highlight the top four photos that you posted.
4 favorite Pinterest pins-Make any cool projects or awesome recipes?! Whether it’s your pin or someone else’s, I wana see it!
4 favorite friend’s posts-That post that your bloggy BFF posted that you just love, post it here!

4x4 Link Up
My 4 Favorite Blog Posts: 
Toddler Play Area
Give Me All The Spring Things
The D Family//Country Shoot
20 Months!

My 4 Favorite Friends Posts: 
Sooo as most of you know we just got back from Vacation and I failed at keeping up with reading Blogs so I am skipping this one this month. BUT I look forward to seeing everyone else's picks.

My 4 Favorite Instagram Pictures: 

 My Top 4 Pins:

March 21, 2015

road trip//beep beep

While you are reading this we are hopefully a few hours into our drive to So Cal!! Woooo Hooooo!


Also how awesome is that print!?! Maddie has the tee shirt that you've all seen her in, and I'm thinking I need a print for the living room. Because we all know my love for California is strong. Hashtag BEST state ever.

You can follow the adventures on Instagram @amandaburkey

peace/love/& California

March 20, 2015

Welcome, Spring! + Goals

It's officially Spring and it's a Friday.
I'm not sure it gets better than that.. except for maybe the first day of Summer. Because I love Summer. You guys can keep your UGGs and PSLs and Fall, I'll stick with Summer. Spring comes in second though, I just love me some heat and sunshine.

Tomorrow my bestie, the girls, Diego, and myself are hitting the road bright and early to head down to Southern Cali for Em's Spring Break. Excited is an understatement.

Now that Spring is here I thought I would get some goals written out on here!


  • Start scheduling posts for Saturday with a common theme every week. Anyone have any fun weekend posts they do? Let me know!
  • Share more of my photo shoots that I have done for other people. Stop being a baby. Basically.
  • Find new Blogs to read. Less twee, more real. Please.
  • Clean out my reader. There are so many Blogs I don't really read anymore just filling it up! 
  • Interact more on Social Media. I say this one a lot, but it's truly hard for me! Besides Instagram I'm sort of bad at Social Media. 
  • Get back to outfit posts. I'm not a fashion blogger in any sense of the word, but I actually enjoyed doing this posts and getting out of my shell. 
  • Maybe educate people on the Coast Guard. I don't know. I tend to stay away from Military life blogging so we shall see. 
  • Keep up with my goals!! Because, reasons.

    Non Blogging:
  • Exercise more. When isn't this one of my goals? 
  • Cut out some carbs and sugar. Probably the hardest thing I'll attempt to do. 
  • Adventure more! Last time I did this one I actually stuck to it. We did a lot of outdoor things with the girls on the weekends. 
  • Be more patient. Ahhh a daily struggle.

And because I can't end a post without a picture, here are the girls in one of their Spring pictures from last year!

I decided this years Spring pictures will be a little late since I want to take them down South so be on the look out for those next week!

Happy Friday and Happy Spring! 

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