August 4, 2015

pigs, food, the fair.. oh my!

On Saturday we went to The Sonoma County Fair and had a blast. We made the mistake of going shortly after it opened and it happened to be a hot day so by 4 pm we had some very tired and slightly cranky children. We visited all the farm animals, ate a bunch of fried food (heeey, jalapeno corndog), rode some of the little kid rides, hit up the petting zoo where Maddie got bit by a pig. Which sort of devastated her since she had been asking to see the pigs for about an hour. Oh and we sat in line for 45 minutes so Em could get her face painted. We also played some games where the girls one 2 stuffed fish. They were both super stoked!

We ate too much, spent too much money, and sweated our butts off. But that's how memories are made. Right?

August 3, 2015

August + Goals

I haven't actually done my goals since the beginning of Spring so I don't really have any updates like I used to do monthly. So I'm basically just starting all over again.

Blogging Goals:
  • Get back to regularly posting. Since some personal things in April and then tons of vacations, it's been hard to maintain regular posts. So averaging 15 posts a month is what I'm trying for. 
  • Read and comment more. Again, because of vacations I just haven't been as involved with the blogging community.
  • Open Sponsors back up. Because of my irregular posting I stopped taking sponsors.
  • Put up a welcome photo for the sidebar. Right now it's a slideshow from my IG account. I need an updated photo of me.
  • Finish blogging about Washington. Just one more post with all my camera photos. 
  • Blog more about the weekends. I know those posts don't typically do as well but I miss writing about our weekends because I love looking back on them.
Non Blogging Goals:

  • Take our Summer 2015 family photos. I've had so many opportunities and such pretty places but have yet to take them.
  • Take Maddie's 2 year photos. She had hand/foot/mouth on her birthday so I skipped the photos of her to wait for the rash to clear. 
  • Use my camera more. I haven't had a session since May, because of my own reasons. 
  • Start to purge every room. Only 2 months until we move!!!
  • Get back to my PiYo everyday. Vacations have made it hard to work out every day, although while away I was averaging just about every other day but I miss it. 
  • Go IG and FB free on the weekends. Social Media unplugging is good for the soul... or so I hear.
Do you have any goals for August? 

August 2013! Maddie's first beach trip.

July 30, 2015

4x4 Link Up//July

How it works:
4 favorite blog posts-This one is pretty self explanatory. Post the links to your four favorite posts from the month.

4 favorite Instagram posts-Highlight the top four photos that you posted.

4 favorite Pinterest pins-Make any cool projects or awesome recipes?! Whether it’s your pin or someone else’s, I want to see it!

4 favorite friends' posts-That post that your Bloggy BFF posted that you just love, post it here!


My 4 favorite blog posts:
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Maddie's mermaid party
and a good time was had by all


My 4 (okay, 5) favorite instagram posts:

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My 4 favorite pins: 

My 4 favorite friends posts:

Unfortunately due to 2 very fun vacations I have none to share. I'm getting back on that horse today, though!

4x4 Link Up