October 31, 2014


So it's Halloween, and this morning we enjoyed a delicious apple French toast casserole. And tonight we will be having mummy dogs. Because I'm festive like that. I spent yesterday at the doctors and am only feeling slightly better, my body has been fighting off the fever and I'm now on antibiotics. It's the worst. I hate being sick. So here's to Halloweens past, when I wasn't sick!




Could not find her costume pic! 2012

Tonight Em is Elsa from Frozen and Maddie will be a leopard!

What are you and/or your kids going as?

October 30, 2014

if we could chat


If we could sit down with some coffee, or wine, or even PBR (which is what I'm currently drinking, Wednesday night). I would tell you all sorts of things. Like how Em had a spider ON HER FACE this afternoon when I picked her up from school. Then I would tell you how there was one on my headrest in the truck and that as you drive through base you can see the spider webs in the air.

We would talk about the various emotions I'm going through right now with someone in my family. I would say how mad I am, but then I would try to explain how sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be mad. I often talk myself out of feelings when it comes to being mad or sad which is not good for me. But I'm trying.

I would tell you how me and both girls are stuffed up, sneezing, coughing, and sleep has just been non existent this week.

We would laugh at my dog, and how obnoxious he is when on the hunt for food.

I would explain how a woman came to my front door on Monday to tell me there was a mouse on my back door. And then we would cringe, because gross.

And that's what I would say.
Now, if you could chat.. what would you say?

October 29, 2014

and then we carved

Naturally after you buy Pumpkins.. and pet baby cows you carve the Pumpkins. And by carve I mean, Mike does 85% of the work. Every year. But at least Em wasn't totally grossed out by the guts like before. And neither was Maddie, she insisted on eating it all instead.

"Whatcha doin, dad?"

The finished product! Em is sort of obsessed with Monster High. 

Have you carved Pumpkins yet?