October 6, 2015

and it rained

On Sunday it rained and stayed below 70 degrees, whaaaaaat. I know. The girls were excited when I asked them if they'd like to go walk the trail with their boots on. They jump at any chance at a "nature" walk. And because I'm a self proclaimed mama-razzi I took my camera. Most of the walk was spent picking up or poking at different types of bugs and them trying to convince me to let them run down a steep hill. Spoiler alert.. it didn't happen.

It's supposed to be back in the high 90's by the weekend so any chance to put on our boots and we are there!

October 5, 2015

Peace Out, Coast Guard!

The day has finally come! Mike is officially out of the Coast Guard. Today is our final inspection in housing and then Mike gets to drive home to us and far away from there!

It's been an interesting 4 years but nothing makes me happier than him being out. We have made some great friends over the past 4 years, some in NC, some in Nor Cal. Luckily with Military friends, usually your paths cross again. And even if they don't we'll still remain close.

Knowing that we will be near family and friends from way before the Military, for the rest of our lives makes me excited. No matter where we decide to settle down in Southern California we will be home.
I wish I could tell you what the future holds, but, truth is we don't really know. Maybe we're crazy. Or just really lucky to have such an awesome support system. Mike has a job, it's not his dream job but it's something to get us by until (god willing) he gets hired on with the Police Department he's been in the process with since August.

There's not much else I have to say, I'm actually not even a little bit hesitant about him getting out. Unlike when he left the Marine Corps. I'm more than ready, we both are.

So here is to the future, and here is to us.

October 2, 2015

what I'm reading

Usually I try and review every book but some of the books I've read really haven't been worth it. They were just bad. I had a poor streak this Summer with picking books. But I like to think I'm back!

Fall and Winter reading is just so cozy, so I figured I'd welcome October with some good reads!

I have a ton of unread books on my Kindle, thanks Kindle Unlimited. I'm technically reading two right now. The first one is My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry. I'm not even half way through it yet, mostly because I'm not that into it. But no book shall go unread! I swear by December it will be finished. The second book is The Good Neighbor. I am more than halfway through it and just downloaded it on Monday. It's real good and a fast read.

My next on the line up is The Good Girl. I'm not sure what it is lately but I'm totally into Thrillers right now. Maybe it's because Halloween is coming up.. I'm not sure. But I'm always taking recommendations for a good read.


Are you reading any of these? Or have you?