October 1, 2014

snapshots + October

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Before I bore you with my October Goals lets take a looksie at my September goals! 
(non blogging)
  • Clean out 3 closets
  • Organize junk drawer
  • Reorganize kitchen cabinets
  • Stick to a budget of $40 (not including groceries or gas)
  • Use my camera more
  • Go through Maddie and Emma's clothes and donate
  • Do the same with toys
  • Exercise more


  • Write an honest, raw post dealing with real life things
  • Comment better
  • Respond more
  • Use social media better
  • Stop looking at Analytics 
  • Unfollow the people I don't enjoy reading 
  • Continue being awesome 

I must say, I did pretty good! I fell a little at the end of the month as far as blogging/commenting/responding but otherwise I did pretty well for myself! I also did a lot of purging and cleaning of the closets, toys, and basement. So high five me!

October Goals:

(non Blogging)

  • Go through the girls closets and drawers and donate what doesn't fit
  • Get my fall/winter sweaters out and hung up
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  • Exercise more
  • Get more snapshots of the girls


  • Continue the Real Life Blogging Series
  • Host a Giveaway
  • Host a link up
  • Continue to be me and write what I want

    Do you have any October Goals!?

September 30, 2014

Bullet points

  • Instagram pictures first..

  • We had fondue with some good friends that we actually met in NC and it was delicious.
  • On Saturday we went to a friends house and her parents were in town and made some amazing Peruvian food.
  • I've been eating a lot lately. Obviously. 
  • I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread and it was so good and easy. 
  • We got yelled at for going in front of the drop off/pick up lane at Em's school. So then this morning I followed rules and went in the lane and guess what everyone was doing!?! Jumping to the front, of course no teacher was out there at the time. But I'm not going to sit in the line while you have parked your car and gotten out and decided to chit chat like a chatty Kathy when my child is sitting there waiting. You want to get out, USE THE PARKING LOT!!!!!!!! It's not rocket science people.
  • I rocked Maddie for an hour and a half yesterday morning because it was the only thing got her to stop screaming. Then she woke up after sleeping for 5 minutes and threw up all over me. I thought she was sick but now I'm thinking it's just her molars. 
  • We are having a Whiskey and Wine party this weekend. I'm excited but I know nothing about wine pairings, I mean I drink wine with everything, so if you have any recommendations hook a sista up! 
  • I kid you not today at least 7 Bloggers on my Bloglovin have written about Fall fashion today. It's a Fall conspiracy.

    That's it, that's all I have to say.. Maybe I'll find some real Blogging material this week but it's not likely since Em has early days all week and Maddie is some sort of teething cranky thing.

September 25, 2014

what this girl think about guys clothes

There's a really annoying article flooding my newsfeed about men not liking high waisted shorts. And I've commented a lot on it when it gets posted. The thing is, I don't give a shit what men think about anything I wear. Even my own husband doesn't like some of my outfits. I love him, I respect his opinion but you can bet your bottom if I like it, I'm wearing it.

So I'm going to be a total hypocrite now and give my opinion on some things guys wear.

Jean shorts. Listen males, if you are over the age of 12 and under the age of 50 you need to just stop. Jean shorts are not a good look and I'm judging you.

Rhine stoned jeans. Or really any jeans with ridiculous designs on the back pockets. There's no need, maybe I watch too much Gypsy Sisters.

Deep V necks. Why not just stick to the deep v's much more attractive cousin, the regular neck.

Running shoes with jeans. Unless you are walking the zoo or a theme park with your children it's a nope.

Socks with sandals. I don't even know how or why this came about. It's like wearing UGGS and a skirt, it just doesn't make any sense.

Justin Bieber pants. I think they are actually called Harem pants (Maybe?) but anyways they need to stop. Just knock it off right now.

And I'll just go ahead and apologize if the men you love are guilty of any of these tragic fashion choices because you've had to be seen in public with them.


Don't be offended.

What are some male fashions that you just don't like?