January 29, 2015

4x4 round up!

Hello and welcome to the first 4x4 round up!

How it works:
4 favorite blog posts-This one is pretty self explanatory. Post the links to your four favorite posts from the month.
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4 favorite Pinterest pins-Make any cool projects or awesome recipes?! Whether it’s your pin or someone else’s, I wana see it!
4 favorite friend’s posts-That post that your bloggy BFF posted that you just love, post it here!
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My 4 favorite Blog posts:

My 4 favorite Instagram posts, and this was hard because I take a lot of pictures but here they are..

1. We had big beach plans that didn't work out, but they looked too cute.
2. Birthday party fun! Em looks miserable, she really wasn't.
3. Marine Corps family. Three of my favorite people in 1 picture.
4. LA!!! So Cal owns my heart and I can't wait to move back down.

My top 4 Pins:


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Going Up On A Thursday

Well, hey there, Thursday!

I don't really have much for you just a few opinions, I suppose.

Facebook needs to allow you to put in keywords that you don't want to read about, and get rid of anything with those words off your newsfeed.
Example; Vaccinations.
I'm sick of reading about each side bashing the other side. We get it. Really. You don't want to vaccinate your kids because you have reasons. And you want to vaccinate your kids because science. That's great. Round of applause. Just do your research for yourself and don't read facebook articles to sway your opinion or attack someone.

And for the record, we vaccinate.
Again, do your own research. Decide what is right for your child but be mindful of the other children your kids will come into contact with.
That's all.
I will speak no more of vaccinations. Instead I will show you pictures of my kids!

and my chipped nails.
So not the business. But I promise to fix them after I give the dog a bath and clean the bathroom. Priorities.

The other day I tried a Pinterest hair tutorial. The one where you section off your dry hair and braid it (I did mine in 4 braids) then clamp the straightener over it. Wait for it to completely cool then take it out. Here were my results

This weekend I'm going to try it again but I'm just going to sleep in wet braids then the next morning when they are dry, try the straightener and see what it looks like. It was much less time consuming than the wand though which is usually how I do my hair.

What's your favorite Pinterest hair tutorial? 

And now for some fun news!!
Alex from Munchkins And The Military, and I are starting a Round Up-Link Up! It goes live tonight, so be on the look out.

How it works:
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-4 favorite Instagram posts
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-4 favorite Pins
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Share the love of 4 posts you've loved this month

I hope you all join in!

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