July 23, 2014

confession session

Real original title, eh? It sounded better than "I'm sick, bored, and here are some odd rambles"..

I wasn't planning on Blogging today. In fact I was planning on ignoring the Blog world for the day but then I woke up feeling like crap annnnd now I'm laying on the couch with the girls and I gave in. Also, it's not even 10 am yet and there's an almost $4,000 refrigerator on TV.

I want to write about politics and current events sooo bad. But I wont.

All these facebook posts, Blog posts, and Instagram pictures of pregnancy and babies is giving me some serious baby fever. Call me crazy.

I don't want to be a carbon copy of every other blogger out there.

I think kids and babies should be dressed like kids and babies.

Seeing all the white baby nurseries and children rooms confuses me. Em's not an overly messy kid. She's pretty average and I would never give her all white everything in her room. Homegirl can't even keep a white shirt clean. I always just imagine the parents having to clean it a lot or just never allowing their child in the room. I should probably just stay off Pinterest.

I would love a second cup of coffee and some donuts/doughnuts. I can never decide which spelling I prefer.

I haven't even looked at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale besides in Blog posts done by others because even on sale I'm still too cheap. But I have looked at Old Navy and they have some really cute skinny sweatpants. Although when I'm wearing my sweatpants it's usually because I feel anything but skinny. I don't know.

I really want some Scalloped Shorts.

It doesn't even feel like summer here so I suppose I wouldn't mind if Fall would just arrive. At least then I wont be sad not wearing shorts because it's fall. And heeelllooo, pumpkin patches! You thought I was gonna say pumpkin spice latte, huh? Well I didn't because they are gross.
White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of raspberry is where it's at and has been for years. Thank me later.

Netflix needs to step their game up. I've already seen everything.

Now it's well past 10 am and I can't think of anything else.

Soooo Happy Wednesday!

I just double checked to make sure today was indeed Wednesday. I need a nap.

July 22, 2014

project 365//week 28

Well look at me, posting this bad boy when it's supposed to be posted! I feel like I should get an award or at least another cup of coffee.

Can you believe I only have 24 of these posts left!? I'm still surprised I made it this far. Oh and a week without cell phone pictures. Self high five!

Hanging out at daddy's softball game. 

Just talking on her phone.

fort building.

Tried one of these for the first time. Super good.

We had people over and I made Oreo Bark.

We had black bean chili.

Once the weather cleared up we spent a few hours outside. It made for 2 very tired girls.

July 21, 2014

Monday things

It’s raining in July. This is very unheard of for this Southern California girl. It’s obvious that Northern California has it’s own set of weather rules. Not that I’m complaining because I made black bean chili last night and it was yummy and totally fitting for the weather.
We had a great weekend though. Hung out with friends new and old. Maddie got to play with another baby and by play I mean we had to keep reminding her to be nice and gentle. Homegirl can be rough.
Em had a sleepover which is always the highlight of her weekends.

These pictures have nothing to do with the weekend by the way. Just some cute snapshots from Mike's softball game last week.




Who runs the world? Turkeys. Who runs the world? Turkeys.


Happy Monday!