December 18, 2014


4 very long, or short, years ago I started this little Blog, you can read my very first post here. It used to be named It's Now Or Never but shortly after I changed it to The B's and then almost changed it again to Amanda B. I tried to stay anonymous but it didn't work. And just recently in the past year I have opened my Blog up to all my personal accounts. It was a scary thing and it took a lot of courage. Which is silly since the URL is my name and a quick Google search will bring you here.

I have a roller coaster of a relationship with my Blog. Some days I just love it and other days I just need some me time. I also had big plans to do a Giveaway today but life happened and I just never got around to it.

I've talked about why I started blogging a few times in the past. But here I go again.. I started blogging because I felt a little lost. There were a lot of changes going on and I needed a distraction, or maybe something to be passionate about. Either way I've definitely enjoyed these last 4 years.

Most of the Bloggers I started reading all that time ago don't Blog anymore or rarely do. I didn't start Blogging to get money or free products and for a very long time I refused to do reviews. Blogging was a lot different 4 years ago, which is funny because it wasn't even that long ago.

It's been a great 4 years and I'm hoping for 4 more!

How long have you been Blogging?

December 16, 2014

Tuesday thoughts

  • Sooo yesterday Maddie decided to give my phone a bath. It is a goner. I'm currently using a really old iPhone 4 with a shattered screen and a home button that doesn't work. In order to close an app I have to shut down the phone. And we are on a business plan with my parents so I can't actually just go to AT&T without the proper information which is unavailable since my step dad is traveling. First world problems, am I right? Hopefully Santa will bring me my Gold Galaxy.
  • Did you know people actually buy followers? I don't mean hosting a Blog giveaway and having people follow you, because yes that could be considered buying followers, but that's not what I mean. What I'm talking about is the websites that people can pay like $5 and get thousands of (fake) followers. Can you believe that shit? 
  • We leave for 16 days of goodness in 2 days and I'm super duper excited! And so are the girls, well at least Em is. Maddie doesn't really get it quite yet. But because of it my head is everywhere but blogging. 
  • 9 days until Christmas, what kind of craziness is that!? 
  • I need another cup of coffee. 
  • My Bears are seriously sucking and my fantasy team went to crap as well. Just not a good football season for this chick! 
  • Ohh and you should totally check out OMGLITERALLYDEAD on Instagram. It's always good for a giggle!

December 12, 2014

Christmas Pictures 2014

First I think it's important to announce that in 7 days we will be headed home for over 2 weeks of Holiday goodness. I can't wait! And now on to the Winter 2014 pictures..
I took the girls pictures a few days before our family ones since I know my kids and I know asking them for anything over 15 minutes of their time is just not going to happen. I had our friend take our family ones after I set the settings for him on Thanksgiving day.

The outfits we are wearing will also be our Christmas Eve outfits. My parents always have Christmas Eve and Mike's parents come and we eat tons of food, drink too much, and enjoy each other. I'm pretty lucky that my parents and in laws enjoy getting together.

I used a select few of these for our Christmas card and I love the way it came out. 

Did you take Winter 2014 pictures?